Tuesday, November 22, 2011

May the Force be with...

This made me smile, so now it makes you smile too!

On another note, today I discovered that one (only one) of the public transit buses in San Luis Obispo is not like the others. Oh no, one of the buses is not the same. And of course I would notice. Most of the buses are bilingual and their seat covers have a pattern of red and blue alternating bars (just the thing to liven up those boring ol' gray interiors!). But this one particular bus is a rebel. It has rainbow bars (it's a fashion statement), and it has only English signs. I began to wonder about the implications of this and what sort of statement the transit people were trying to make, but then I got bored and ruminated on how much I feel sorry for the poor person who had to design the pattern on those seats.

Also, at the bus stop, there was a homeless man with a DVD player. And a bunch of sketchy guys talking about something very seriously, but I don't know what because they always dropped their voices right as they mentioned whatever it was. I was very disappointed, I wanted to know what the "stupid bitch" had done to mess up everything.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is Living

I went to the kitchen to get my cherry pie (which my boyfriend kindly bought for me as a surprise) from the fridge. I ignored the dishes stacked in the drying rack like a terrible game of Jenga gone wrong, the white counters that are covered in appliances, food, towels and crumbs, the pile of cardboard boxes stacked to the ceiling, and opened the fridge. My pie was not where it had been, it was hidden behind the Arizona Iced Tea bottles, which were hidden behind the numerous root beer bottles, which were on behind the mayonnaise, which were on top of the tortillas. When I had happily eaten another piece of my pie I placed it back where I found it.
Living with five guys really makes a girl feel good about her own habits.